Designing Your New Bedroom With A Fireplace


Designing bedroom with a fireplace is the perfect solution to add a cosy, inviting feel to your new bedroom. The element of fire can conjure up images of cosy evenings spent reading with friends or family and spiking your drinks with chaser after chaser. However, a fireplace in your bedroom doesn’t need to be an imposing feature. Instead, opting for one that sits on a bookshelf or within an enclosed alcove will create more intimate moments that are equally cosy. How do you utilize this and design the perfect new bedroom around a fireplace? Let’s explore some ideas.

Decide What You Want From The Fireplace

When designing your new bedroom around a fireplace, the first thing to decide is what you want from it. The fireplace can add a lot of warmth and comfort to the room, relaxing and comforting. So, unless you want to add a sense of drama and excitement to the space, you want to keep your expectations in check. But, if you want something more exciting, there are a whole host of options you can choose from to make a statement. Not all fireplaces are created equally, so you’ll want to choose one that best suits the needs of your bedroom. A traditional fireplace will suit you best if you want to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. If you’re looking to create an occasion or add a sense of drama to the room, then a gas fireplace may be the right choice.

Choose A Type Of Fireplace Appropriate For Your Bedroom

If you’re searching for a way to add a little warmth and cosiness to your bedroom space, then a traditional fireplace may be just the solution you’re looking to find. This type of fireplace is most commonly found in homes, as it can create a more intimate and comforting atmosphere. This homeowner may add a simple mantel, decorative hearthstones, and a few decorative accents to complete the look. However, gas fireplaces may be more appropriate to transform your bedroom into a more dramatic and exciting space. With this type of fireplace, you can add a decorative hearthstone, surround light fixtures, and various styles and motifs.

Add Storage Around The Fireplace

When designing your new bedroom around a fireplace, it’s essential to consider the needed storage. In this case, a traditional fireplace may require dedicated storage to get the most out of it. That could mean opting for a built-in unit or wall unit. For example, this could easily be a built-in bookshelf, but you might also consider building a custom unit to house the firewood, logs, and other essentials you need close it. Gas fireplaces may require more space if you want a more dramatic transformation. That may mean opting for an open concept design or designing a freestanding unit to accommodate the fire.

Use Neutral Colors And Textures To Build Cozy Feelings

When designing your new bedroom around a fireplace, it’s essential to consider the colour palettes and textures you want to use to build a cosy and inviting atmosphere. In this case, a traditional fireplace will likely benefit from a soft, warm palette of colours. You may also want to consider adding texture to the walls around the fireplace and the flooring. That can create a more inviting environment, as well as keep the space feeling open and airy. Whichever colours and textures you choose, it’s essential to keep them as neutral as possible. That will help keep the room cosy while still staying clean and fresh.

Add Soft, Charming Accents For An Even Cozier Feel

When designing your new bedroom around a fireplace, you must also consider the decorative accents you add to ramp up the cosiness. For example, a soft rug can help to create a more inviting atmosphere while adding a touch of colour and texture to the room. You may also want to add a few decorative wall hangings for visual appeal and to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. A chunky wooden wall hanging, for example, can help to build a cosy mood and add a touch of warmth and cosiness. You may also want to consider adding a few decorative pillows, which can help to create an even cosier feel and help set the mood. For example, you may want to add a plush, plush pillow that adds a touch of plush, plush softness to the space.

Don’t Forget About Safety Precautions!

Safety is essential when designing your new bedroom around a fireplace. A traditional fireplace will be the safest choice in most cases, as it can fit with safety devices. That can help prevent the fire from spreading and help you avoid getting burned or burned. However, gas fireplaces may require caution, as they can burn hotter and consume more energy. That means they’re not likely to be a good fit in a small space, like a bedroom. It’s essential to do your research, as well as only use fireplaces that are recommended for your home. That can help to protect you and your family from potential dangers.


Decide what you want from the fireplace. Choose a type of fireplace that best suits the needs of your bedroom. Create storage space around the fireplace. To create a cosy atmosphere, use neutral colours and textures. Add soft, charming accents for an even more relaxed atmosphere.

Dan Mack
Dan Mack
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