How To Convert Living Room To a Bedroom


Do you know that convert a living room to a bedroom and you have a spare room in your home? Perhaps it’s an extra bedroom or an attic that’s been empty for some time? If so, you might be wondering what you should do with it. A second room can make a house feel more spacious, and open-plan layouts don’t work well if there’s only one other corridor. But a double room doesn’t necessarily mean a second problem. It could even be an opportunity in disguise! A second room can be an extra storage closet or provide an additional sleeping area for guests or relatives who visit often. Or maybe it’s just the case of having to downsize your possessions once you have kids and start thinking about long-term arrangements for your home. Whatever the case, here are some tips on how to turn that unused living space into something valuable and practical without sacrificing great design aesthetics along the way.

Add a storage loft

It is an excellent idea for a lofted bedroom. If your house has a spare floor in the attic, turn it into a bedroom with a loft. It will turn your bedroom into a loft bedroom, adding extra space and a new look to your bedroom. Adding a loft creates a feeling of openness in the room and can also help with insulation issues in the house. If your home doesn’t have an attic, don’t worry. There are still other ways of adding a loft to your bedroom. One way is to install a bespoke loft bed. It can help you turn any spare bedroom in your house into a bedroom with a loft while still keeping the same layout. Just ensure you don’t add an extra wall inside the bedroom.

Turn the basement into a home office.

If you have a basement, why not turn it into a home office? You might keep the space as a storage area if you have a large basement, but why not turn it into a home office? It will not only make your basement more useful, but it can also help solve the problem of having a less used space in the house. A home office can be a perfect space for your business or if you need some extra space for paperwork and such in your home. Adding structural elements to the area can also transform a basement into a home office. It can help make a basement area more usable and add extra structural features that can help with soundproofing.

Install a media or games room

Another way to add space to a room without tearing it apart is to install a media or games room. It can be a popular choice if you have a large spare room that’s not being used, as a media room or games room can be a great way of using the space. A media room can be ideal if you have a spare room that you might occasionally use to watch television, but it’s currently not being used. You can install soundproofing in the room and add a set-up that includes your favourite media devices, like a TV, Blu-Ray or gaming system. If you have a large spare room or a room in the basement, a media room can serve a great purpose.

Create an extra guest bedroom

If guests often come to your home, this can be a great way to open up a spare bedroom. Turning a guest bedroom into an extra bedroom for guests can solve several problems. Not only will it help open up a room in your house that’s currently not being used, but it will also free up another bedroom for your use, which can be a great thing. It’s essential to make the extra bedroom inviting and ensure your guests feel comfortable in the home. It is done by adding some excellent decor items and furniture and by including extra beds, so your guests have more space.

Add an extra storage closet.

If you have a spare room in your house that you don’t want to use but don’t want to see torn down and thrown away, there’s another option. Turn the room into a storage closet. It can be an excellent solution for a spare room and a great solution for a room you don’t have much use for and don’t want to see torn down. Adding a closet to a room can turn it into a different storage zone while adding a new layer of protection to the walls and floors of the room.

Don’t forget about your outdoor space!

While most of the ideas mentioned in this article are great for creating extra space in the house, you can’t forget about your outdoor space! Many homes have a sizeable half-empty plot or yard, and many people avoid using this because it’s too much work or not something they think. But this can be a great way to solve a lot of issues. Consider turning it into a garden if you have ample empty outdoor space. It can be a great way to add some usable space to your home while also having somewhere to grow your vegetables or flowers. A garden can also be a great social space for friends and family to gather in the summer.


A home doesn’t necessarily have to be the same size forever. Sometimes, you have to make the best of the situation and find the best ways to use the space that you have available. It can be done in several ways, and adding a large loft to a bedroom, turning a basement into a home office, or installing a media or games room can help solve this issue. Not only will this add usable space, but it will also help create a better-insulated house and a better-isolated room where you can play your favourite music without bothering anyone else.

Dan Mack
Dan Mack
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