Tips and Ideas for Styling a Mirror Above Fireplace


It seems almost cliché to say that the Mirror Above Fireplace is the centre of the room, but it’s true. Just look at all home décor bloggers who have posted photos of their fireplaces, and you’ll see what we mean. The image of a cosy hearth has become something that many people want in their homes, and for a good reason — a fireplace can be such an intimate focal point. Because of this, there are many ways to style a fireplace so that it looks both inviting and chic. Many designers have written about incorporating patterns into your space without looking stale or boring. You don’t need special carpentry skills or complicated plans to give your living space an updated look; you only need a little vision and creativity. Here are some great tips on styling a fireplace:

Choose Your Wallpaper Wisely

A fireplace is a prominent wall accent, so choosing the suitable wallpaper can make all the difference. You don’t want the wall colour to clash with your fireplace or the wallpaper to be so dark that it obscures the fire’s warmth. Luckily, several different wallpapers are specifically designed to pair well with fireplaces. Some examples include a beige or grey wallpaper that will blend in with the walls and fireplace, while a dark grey or red wallpaper will help bring out the fire’s warmth.

Don’t Forget to Decorate Around the Fireplace.

Fireplaces are almost like a blank canvas. While you want your room’s overall colour scheme to be warm and inviting, you don’t necessarily want your fireplace to match it. If you choose a warm red tone for your walls, a blue fireplace will look a little strange — as would a white fireplace in a room painted in a yellow or orange colour. You can avoid this by incorporating some decorative elements around the fireplace to help unify the room’s overall feel. You can hang a simple painting on the wall above the fireplace or place a few flowering plants in a decorative vase on the mantel. You could try adding a few candles to the mantel or standing a basket of poinsettias on the hearth.

Match Colors to Your Furniture

When you have a dark wood fireplace, it’s easy to match the dark wood tones in your walls and furniture. But what if you have a brick fireplace, a wood brick fireplace, or a stone fireplace? In those cases, you want to choose a colour that will help unify the room’s other elements. So, if your walls are a warm yellow, you can probably get away with a more neutral couch or chair, or vice versa. When choosing a colour for your fireplace, it’s a good idea to consider the room’s overall feel. If you want your room to feel welcoming and cosy, you can probably get away with a neutral colour for the walls and a more welcoming colour for the furniture. To feel more elegant and polished, you may choose a more traditional colour for the walls and furniture.

Add a Throw Blanket or Comfy Cushion

Fireplace décor can get a little intense for some people, so it’s worth considering adding a throw blanket or comfy cushion to the space. You can use it to prop up your feet or curl up during your favourite shows or with a good book. It’s a nice touch that makes your living space feel a little more inviting without having to change the look of the fireplace itself.

Incorporate Plantlife

Fireplaces often have a lot of space around them, making incorporating plant life into the room tricky. Luckily, there are several decorative ways to incorporate plants into your fireplace décor without having them touch the fireplace itself. You can hang plants from the ceiling, wall, or shelf, and they can be indoor or outdoor plants. You can also try using a vase, which can help create the illusion that there are more plants around the fireplace.

Add a Standing Candle or Two

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to bring warmth to your space, you can try hanging a few candles around or above your fireplace. It is a fast and cheap way to add a little heat to a room, and it can be done in just a few minutes or hours, depending on your schedule. If you have a brick or stone fireplace, you can try hanging candles in unusual shapes or with attractive scents to add extra interest to your decor. For those with a wood or brick fireplace, try hanging candles in a warm colour like orange or yellow. These candles can also be helpful if you want to use them during an evening party or get-together.

Hang Sculptures or Artwork

If you love art as much as we do, you can incorporate it into your fireplace decor. You can try hanging paintings or sculptures around or above your fireplace, which can help create the impression that it’s a focal point in the room. You can also try incorporating a few decorative items into your fireplace decor if you have a more artistic skill set — maybe you could carve a few initials into a piece of wood and hang it above the fireplace?

Strive for Neutrality and Contrast

When styling a fireplace, it can be worth looking into more unique ways to style your room. For example, if you have a wood or stone fireplace, you can try hanging small mirrors directly above the fireplace so that they catch the light and reflect it into the room. It can help create the impression that it’s a focal point in the room while also adding a little extra sparkle.

Summing up

Fireplaces can bring a room together, and it’s worth investing in a unique focal point for your living space. They are stylish and warm, and you can incorporate them into any room in your house. You can select a range of styles and sizes and choose from a range of décor options, like wallpapers and throw rugs. You can add a few candles to your fire to help create the impression that it’s a focal point in the room.

Dan Mack
Dan Mack
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