How To Build a White Brick Fireplace

The fireplace is the centrepiece of any home. It’s where you and your family come together to relax, socialize and enjoy being warm. The experience will be full of wonder and excitement if it’s your first fireplace. It might even feel magical! But if you’ve had more than one fireplace before, then building a new fireplace may not be as exciting. Most people build their first fireplace in the same way: They start from scratch by laying fire-resistant materials such as bricks or concrete foundations with mortar between them (called chimney caps). But if you take the time to learn how to build a white brick fireplace, you can upgrade your previous designs without spending much on labour or materials. Here’s how.

What You Will Need to Build a White Brick Fireplace

– Heavy-duty construction tape

– It is the tape you will use to seal the joints between the bricks. It’s also handy around the fireplace opening as a visual guide.

– A sharp pencil

– You’ll use It to mark the layout and cut the mortar joints between the bricks.

– Hammer

– A good hammer is essential for breaking bricks and nailing them into place.

Choose Your Surface

White brick

– White brick is a type of clay used for building fireplaces. It’s the only type of brick used for a fireplace, as it’s fire-resistant. Concrete

– There are many types of concrete, but all are suitable for building a fireplace. Black and red bricks are standard, but you can try a darker colour like grey or brown.

Brick Color and Texture

White: The colour should be pure white and free of any noticeable earth tones. If the colour is slightly off, it will be more noticeable once the fireplace is filled with heat.

Texture: Your white bricks should be smooth, so they don’t reflect heat toward the fireplace. A smooth texture means the bricks are finely ground and pressed together, while a coarse texture means they’re not and will reflect heat toward the fireplace. A smooth texture also has a better appearance than a coarse texture.

Determining the Layout and Measurements

Layout: The layout of your white brick fireplace is critical, so plan carefully. You’ll need to fit the fireplace opening, the woodstove, vent and chimney inside the room’s dimensions. You’ll also need to ensure the fireplace is at least 8 feet from any walls and the room’s length. The best place for the fireplace is in the centre of the room. The room’s length and width are considered since you’ll need to leave 8 feet of space on each side. The fireplace opening is standard, but it should be at least 4 feet wide. The opening height should be as high as possible and no lower than 10 feet. You’ll need space to stand inside the fireplace and reach the woodstove and the mantel inside the fireplace. The dimension from the floor to the top of the fireplace opening should be at least 8 feet. You don’t want the fireplace wall blocking any venting, so it should be at least 4 feet from the wall.

Building Blocks for a White Brick Fireplace

Bricks: White brick is a type of clay used to build fireplaces. Mortar – Masonry mortar is made of cement, fine aggregate and sand and used in the bricks’ joints. It’s a flexible material provides strength while remaining flexible enough to expand and contract with the Earth’s temperature.

The Details

– Mortar

– You’ll use masonry mortar to join the bricks together. A bag of ready-mixed mortar costs a few dollars, so be sure to buy one with a high-quality product.

– Joints

– You’ll seal the joints between the bricks with masonry mortar. You don’t have to be exact with the measurements.

– Brick colour

– You can paint the bricks with colour, but it is painted on the outside, so it doesn’t ruin the finish of the bricks.

– Joint type

– There are many joints, but you’ll use a keystone joint for the fireplace.

– Brick size

– You’ll use standard-size bricks for your fireplace. The most common sizes are 8, 10, 11 and 13 inches.

Final Touches and Assembly

– Finishing

– After the fireplace is built, you can paint the bricks or use a rubdown finish to protect the bricks. – Mantle

– The mantle is the decorative piece that goes above the fireplace. It’s usually made of wood, stone or metal.

– Hearth

– The hearth is the concrete base that goes under the woodstove. You can make the hearth from standard concrete or firebrick.

– Vent

– The vent is the pipe that carries combustion air from the woodstove to the chimney.


The white brick fireplace is a timeless classic. It’s a design you’ll see in architecture books as far back as the early 1800s, and it is used in many different styles, including Victorian, colonial and mid-century modern. One thing that’s constant about the fireplace: It’s a warm and welcoming place where friends and family gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you want to establish a new fireplace or upgrade an old one, This guide will help you get the job done right.

Dan Mack
Dan Mack
I come from a family of home builders and designers and I inherited the love for it! I write to share my home décor ideas and projects with everyone who needs some inspiration.